What is iNote?

iNote is a very simple Windows program that is used to convert large text files into small iPod readable files stored as notes. It is very much like the iPod eBook Creator (google it if you don't know) and converts large text files into small, 4kb notes and links them together.

The advantage of iNote is that it runs directly on your iPod and can be used from any machine, providing it can read the iPod as a disk drive. It also has no installer, just click and go with it.

How to use

To use iNote, simply place the iNote.exe file in the root iPod directory then run. The file you wish to convert must be in .txt format somewhere on your computer. Open this file in iNote, give it a title and convert. The number of "pages" that note will be converted to will be calculated and shown to you before you compile. Files with very large numbers of pages (in the 100s) may take a while to convert, but should eventually get there. A 300 page file took around 10 minutes to convert on a PIII 700mHz machine.

Things to note:

-The ipod can only have a maximum of 1000 notes in total on it
-Often when converting large files, the program will appear to freeze, however it should still be working despite this
-Words will most likely be split between pages as a result of the conversion. However it is not too big a deal and can still easily be read.
-Certain characters do not show up on the iPod. This is not a bug with iNote but should hopefully have a workaround in future versions of iNote.
-To edit files already loaded by iNote without having to modify the actual text file itself, double click the * to expand the window to show a text editor


iNote.rar ( released 08/08/05)


Screenshot 1

Other Comments

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If you do find any bugs, send an email to "australianrat AT msn DOT com" with the subject header "iNote Bug Report". Other emails will be filtered out. Give specific instructions on how to replicate this bug also in the email otherwise I may not be able to find the bug in order to fix it.